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Professional Makeup, Photographic Makeup, Theatrical & Media Makeup and Special Effects courses and one to one lessons  with an international makeup artist.

At Hanna Makeup Academy we offer courses for any age & any experience level. We offer accredited courses, which will qualify you to go out and obtain insurance. Hanna is qualified in teaching & has years of makeup experience & knowledge to help you start your career in makeup. Our course requires no previous experience or study. It provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to work in a makeup industry as a professional makeup artist and manage your own makeup business.

Sfx makeup

The most important factor in special effect and prosthetic makeup is the fact that it reflects the reality.  A real sample should be taken as a reference while doing special effect or prosthetic makeup.

Photography makeup

In the photo, shadows are formed on the face due to the lights; we lighten these areas to make the photo smoother. In addition, the materials used in the production of potographic make-up should be used appropriately and the desired appearance should be achieved.

Theatrical & media

Cinema & Tv makeup is very different from theater makeup. There should be no sharp lines in cinema tv makeup, it should show soft and smooth appearance on camera with smoother applications.
On the other hand, in the theater, the makeup should be dense, at the same time hard and sharp, so that the spectator at the farthest distance can see and understand the make-up and character.

Professional makeup

Preparing a clean skin by finding the right color is an important factor in professional make-up. The make-up applied to the correct and well-prepared skin becomes more of a blend with each other.

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